Free-to-air TV Broadcasting

TVB currently operates five terrestrial free-to-air HD channels, namely the flagship Jade and Pearl channels, J2, TVB News and TVB Finance & Information Channels, providing round-the-clock news and diversified TV entertainment to about 2.51 million households in Hong Kong. The five channels are also simulcast on its OTT platform, myTV SUPER.

TVB’s terrestrial TV channels enjoy over 80% audience share in Hong Kong during weekday prime time. It has a market share of near to 90% in the local TV advertising market.

TVB Channel Offerings

Channel Content

TVB's flagship Chinese-language channel. With its strong production and star power, Jade offers viewers a sumptuous amount of home-grown drama, variety and enrichment content with local taste and flavour.
The leading English-language channel bringing viewers TVB production and a wide array of acquired programmes including movie, drama, lifestyle and documentary from around the globe.
A general entertainment channel offering a mix of programmes customised to adultescent who are driven, energetic and actively interested in trendy and chic culture.
The only 24-hour free news channel in Hong Kong bringing viewers the latest local and international news.  It also provides comprehensive and in-depth analysis of various important issues.
The only 24-hour free finance information channel that provides the latest financial and monetary information and diversified feature programmes. The channel also sources high quality documentaries to broaden the viewers’ horizons.

Jade and Pearl are simulcast in analogue which is scheduled to be switched off by the government on 30 November 2020 (11:59pm).















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